Contemporary security management philosophy acknowledges that not all hazards can be mitigated with 100% certainty – there is no such thing as zero risk.  Major disruptive events such as natural disasters, major crimes, catastrophic equipment failures and terrorist acts, whilst rare, do occur.  Faced with these types of ‘all-hazards’ events, organisations need to be prepared to respond positively to ensure they can recover quickly and return to normal operations as efficiently as possible.

As part of an organisation’s overall approach to effective risk management, entities need to consider managing both the likelihood and consequence of disruptive events, and therefore it is important to have both effective risk management and Business Continuity Management frameworks.

Security Consulting Group’s team of industry specialists have the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical real-world experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of Business Continuity Management policies, frameworks and programs to assist an entity in managing major business disruptions by ensuring the continued availability of critical assets and business functions.