The application of security is commonly undertaken without significant thought regarding strategy.  This is not only related to the security strategy but also the alignment with business strategies and operational imperatives.  The objective of defining a security strategy early in the project lifecycle is critical to the success of the project and will ultimately guide the business and the consultant in remaining aligned with the outcomes and why decisions will be made with a clear understanding of the objectives.

It is often a misconception that the application of technology provides the “silver bullet” to mitigate risk, most notably the addition of CCTV.  Before this occurs, appropriate levels of planning and discussion must take place and the fundamental question of “why?” needs to be understood so that when decisions regarding security are challenged in the future there is a clear definition regarding the solution.  This strategy should also include not only security related issues but also key decision criteria regarding procurement, maintenance, staffing, recruitment and most importantly cost so that the Return on Investment of applying the level of security proposed can be determined.

It is SCG’s experience that undertaking this strategy piece early in the project increases the success of the project significantly as it provides alignment and agreement amongst all stakeholders and therefore ownership in the overall process.