Every environment whether man-made, natural, or social inherently contains security risks in some form.  Security Consulting Group strongly believes that technology alone cannot provide an adequate security response in any of these environments, rather our security philosophy and approach is based on the understanding that security is dependent on a fully integrated approach of three essential key elements:  Operational Management, Planning & Design and Technology.

We consider Operational Management, how your organisation will be organised and operate from a security perspective, as the most important aspect in attaining and maintaining a secure environment. We also recognise that the Planning and Design of a facility, that is functional layout of buildings, construction methodologies, and physical security attributes contribute significantly to the overall security level.  Technology; equipment and systems will then assist your organisation to achieve the level of security required to mitigate risks to your organisation.  In order to deliver this balanced approach, any security solution must be overlayed with an appropriate risk management framework.

Our team works with our clients to develop a holistic security and communications strategy, based on our simple but tested security philosophy, which responds to our clients’ operational requirements, their risks and business needs.