Security Consulting Group is an Australian based security consultant specialising in providing independent and high quality security and risk consultancy services to our global clients. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth, our dedicated team of well-known industry leading professionals service a highly specialised market, focusing primarily on clients with complex security environments.

Security Consulting Group was founded in October 2014 by Richard Nixon and Steve Barlow, after long and distinguished careers in security consultancy, communications consultancy, and project integration.


The dedicated team at Security Consulting Group are well-known industry leading professionals, passionate in their focus on delivering an independent and high quality service.

Whilst Security Consulting Group itself is still a relatively young company, the majority of our carefully selected employees have worked together for over a decade and have over 300 years’ collective experience in the security industry, with all our staff coming from successful careers in large multi-discipline consulting/engineering firms or from within Government.


Our security philosophy and approach is based on the understanding that security is dependent on a fully integrated approach of:

  • Operational Management,
  • Planning & Design, and
  • Technology

In order to deliver this balanced approach, any security solution must be overlayed with an appropriate risk management framework.