Security Risk Management and the assessment and evaluation of security risks plays an important role in an organisation’s wider risk management activities.  The objective of effective Security Risk Management should be to improve organisational performance and manage the effect of uncertainty on an organisation.    This, in turn, promotes a positive risk culture where risks and vulnerabilities are identified, assessed, communicated and managed as part of day-to-day business to a level that is As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) given the organisations’ risk tolerance, resources, and aims.

Whilst Security Risk Management is founded on the fundamentals of risk management outlined in International Standard ISO31000:2009, to be highly effective and efficient, Security Risk Management must be accompanied by a thorough understanding of current security trends and themes.

Security Consulting Group’s experience in developing security risk management practices for a diverse range of clients provides a unique insight to the various people, information, and assets that may need to be protected.

Security Consulting Group’s team of industry experts have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of international and domestic security threats and countermeasures in Security Risk Management practice across a wide range of industry sectors, including Federal and State Government, Justice, Arts and Culture, Health and Education.