Joondalup Courthouse


SCG was engaged to undertake an upgrade of the existing analogue CCTV System at the Joondalup Courthouse.  The Joondalup Courthouse is approximately 25 years old and had an existing analogue CCTV System and only limited CCTV coverage. This project upgraded the existing system to a new IP based system and a substantial increase in the CCTV surveillance across the facility, including:

  • New Video Management System (VMS) and recording systems
  • Replacement of existing analogue cameras with new IP Cameras (approximately 14 replacement cameras)
  • New IP cameras (approximately 30 new cameras)
  • New central and distributed system infrastructure

Port Botany


SCG has been appointed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to undertake review, design and documentation services for the upgrade of the existing Video Management System (VMS) at Port Botany in NSW.

Port Botany is Australia’s second largest container port and specialises in trade in manufactured products as well as bulk liquid imports such as petroleum and natural gas. Whilst now privately managed, TfNSW maintains a VMS system providing CCTV surveillance of the road and rail approach network into the Port.

The VMS encompasses approximately 16 cameras, providing surveillance of the road and rail approach network into the Port facilities. TfNSW is seeking to replace the existing proprietary VMS, Port Botany Landside Improvement Strategy (PBLIS) in 2014, with an ‘open’ platform system capable of being installed/services/maintained by more than one integrator, in line with NSW Government requirements. The VMS infrastructure extends to wireless and microwave network links, power supply systems incorporating mains, solar and backup batteries as well as server & recording infrastructure, currently hosted on the TfNSW and third party networks.

SCG has been engaged by TfNSW to audit and review the existing VMS and associated infrastructure and to undertake a needs analysis and tender documentation for the replacement of the VMS, incorporating the provision of managed services by the successful Integrator, including liaison and provision of footage to the required authorities and services such as cloud backup.

New Zealand Rapid Modular Accommodation Programme


SCG has been engaged by the Department of Corrections New Zealand to provide full design, documentation, construction and commissioning services for the Electronic Security (ES) systems for the Rapid Modular Accommodation Programme being delivered at the existing Tongariro and Rolleston prisons.

The project scope will include:

  • Three new low/medium security 120 bed prisoner accommodation units, plus three 4 bed separates units to be constructed at two operational prisons as follows:
    – One new unit at Tongariro Prison, plus one separates including realignment of the main perimeter fence
    – Two new units at Rolleston Prions, plus two separates units
  • New standalone MCR at Rolleston
  • Each unit will have a separate compound fence and sallyport

Cessnock Correctional Centre


SCG has been appointed as part of the Richard Crookes Construction team to provide the security design services for the 330 bed expansion at the Cessnock Maximum Security Correctional Centre.

The expansion to the existing 250-bed maximum security facility, opened in 2011, is being delivered as part of the Prison Bed Capacity Program.  The expansion includes delivery of 3 new 110-bed maximum security modular accommodation units, new satellite movement control and health building and a new industries and programs building, encompassed by an extension of the existing security perimeter to the west of the existing facility and the expansion is intended to operate in conjunction with the existing 250 bed facility.

New Administration, External Stores and Pre-Visits buildings will be provided external to the facility along with associated car parking and approach roads.

In addition to the new facilities, the refurbishment and expansions works will also be provided to the existing facility including:

  • Additional detox and holding cells to the existing reception and health building
  • Additional cells to the existing segregation building
  • Significantly expanded visits centre
  • Refurbishment and expansion to the existing Gatehouse Master Control and Key Rooms as well as provision of a new primary Security/Communications Equipment Room

In addition to the building expansion and refurbishment works, key security systems including the Security Management, Electronic Access and Door Control, Intruder Detection and Closed Circuit Television Systems will be upgraded and/or replaced as part of the works. This Perimeter Detection System will also undergo a major technology upgrade including the provision of Thermal Detection throughout the new and existing sterile zone and upgrade of the existing Microphonic Cable Detection System.

The project is being delivered through a Managing Contractor (Design & Construct) contract and SCG is responsible for the preparation of design documentation for all security works.

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