Project Description

SCG was engaged to support DCS in the lead-up to the contract extension at Acacia Prison to investigate, analyse and provide advice on the impact on operational security staffing at Acacia due to the recent expansion to the facilities.

The prime objective of this engagement was to assist DCS in understanding how the staffing model would impact on potential prices for the Acacia prison extension option and to consider where operational efficiencies may or should have been achieved as a result of the prison expansion including:

  • Review and commentary on possible impacts (positive and negative) as a result of the recent facility investment undertaken as part of the expansion, including the investment in enhanced facility (physical and electronic) security measures
  • Commentary on the possible impact or effect on staffing levels or efficiencies as a result of recent enhancements to the facility design and or the use of new and improved technologies
  • Provide an independent professional opinion regarding the expected likely optimal and acceptable staffing profiles for the Acacia facility across a range of Daily Average Prisoner levels (namely 700, 1000, and 1500).

SCG’s input, together with the project team, resulted in significant saving of $35 Million over 5 years.