Project Description

SCG has been appointed as part of the Co-Op Studio team to provide the security and communications services for the Gatehouse and Infrastructure Project at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.

This project follows our recent appointment to provide these services for the Mental Health and Cellular Accommodation Project also at the DPFC as a part of another project team.

The existing Gatehouse at DPFC has become inefficient and outdated in its design and functionality, with a key aim of the project to deliver a new Gatehouse building as part of re-configured entry precinct, which will facilitate the current methods of operation used by Corrections Victoria.

In addition, the project will deliver a range of supporting infrastructure to cater for the expansion of the Centre, including:

  • Upgrades to the kitchen
  • A new building for laundry and food preparation industries
  • Modifications to the health centre
  • Modifications to prisoner property
  • The addition of two portable industries buildings
  • A site sewer drainage and capacity investigation