Project Description

Macquarie University (MU) had undertaken a review of their current CCTV infrastructure design, with the view to implement new infrastructure to initially accommodate 600 IP cameras with expansion capability to 1200 cameras in the next 5 years.

The CCTV infrastructure was designed to provide full redundancy to both the operational system and recording via housing the systems in both the on-campus Data Centre and within an external Data Centre. Members of SCG’s team were engaged by Macquarie University to review the University’s initial briefing document, taking into account computer (servers), storage and networking requirements, to undertake market research based on the requirements and develop a number of options and recommendations that would meet the University’s needs. The options were presented to MU for their review and selection of a preferred option.

From there, SCG team members produced a High Level design document, fully detailing the computing, storage and networking requirements of the selected option, with the view of issuing the storage section to market for tender.

SCG team members were subsequently engaged by MU to undertake the design and documentation of a Proof of Concept (PoC) of the selected option, to validate both the technical and operational requirements and to also bench test further options in relation to network transmission and storage strategies.