Project Description

SCG team members conceptualised, designed, documented and commissioned the firing range and ballistic services for the Board Search Training mock-up on behalf of the Singapore Police Force.

The project delivered a multi-user/multi-use facility, allowing personnel to practice operational skills at varying levels of competency.

Facilities provide a real-life replication of actual conditions and include:

  • A 7-level commercial cargo vessel, including engine rooms, cabins, cargo holds, bridge, masts and equipment stations
  • Tactical diving and ascent training pool
  • Method of Entry (MOE) – land and sea
  • Live Fire Close Quarters Battle (CQB) – Multi-level, fixed/unique flexible ballistic partition layouts
  • Full close quarters battle ranges across 5 levels and include fixed partition ranges for commonly encountered elements and a ballistic partition range, allowing users considerable flexibility in the configuration of internal layouts