SCG was engaged by NAB’s Asset Protection Services (APS) to assist in the development of new minimum Security Standards for their Commercial Property portfolio.

The purpose of these security standards was to develop criteria against which the functional, technical and operational requirements can be defined to appropriately inform the designers of new or refurbished commercial properties of APS’s specific requirements relative to security.

Bank of Thailand


SCG team members led the delivery of the security risk assessment, concept and management planning, design, documentation and construction supervision for the Thai Central Bank’s new note printing works and associated storage vaults.

Our team members provided the security planning and technical systems design for all storage facilities on site, including substrate vaults, work in progress vaults, finished product vaults and a number of other special use vaults, in addition to the associated circulation required for product, pedestrians and vehicles.  This also included the development and evolution of its security planning and management philosophies during the construction period of the project.

Through a highly proactive involvement with the client, SCG team members delivered innovative systems and solutions not previously undertaken in the Kingdom.  In doing so, the Note Printing Thailand II project set a new benchmark for the manner in which high security projects are engineered in Thailand.

Being the Thai Central Bank, the facility services the whole of Thailand and its population, with all Thai currency notes printed and stored on site before subsequent distribution, as well as the currency of many other nations.

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