They say timing is everything. Back in 2014 when two security industry professionals started Security Consulting Group (SCG) in a small Melbourne office, domestic threat wasn’t on the radar for most ordinary Australians.

In the intervening years, a host of local threats have increased in their significance, from vehicles in Victoria’s Bourke Street Mall to large international actors posing serious cybersecurity threats, and most people now understand that security risk mitigation is an integral part of planning, design and operation of services and infrastructure in Australia.

SCG has been working solidly to support their clients through this change and today celebrates its six birthday, having grown during that time to 27 consultants and five offices across Australia delivering projects in every state and territory, and internationally.

The business currently has one of the largest cohorts of SCEC security zone consultants in the nation and has continued to grow year on year, despite a global pandemic, a factor which Managing Director Richard Nixon attributes to the ability of SCG to provide end-to-end solutions across the security spectrum, a track record of successful project delivery and excellent client relationships.

“When we started SCG we wanted to focus on the basics,” said Richard.

“We listened to what our clients were telling us and we worked hard to provide bespoke advice that was timely, proportionate and practical for the level of risk and represented value for the client,” he said.

“With offices in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, we have grown our geographical footprint over the six years to service national clients and agencies, while being able to retain a comprehensive knowledge of local requirements.

“We are also one of the few providers able to offer solutions across the spectrum, from security risk and assurance services through to planning, design and engineering, and communications and technology,” he said.

SCG has now worked on some of Australia’s largest projects and most iconic landmarks, such as the Australian War Memorial, Sydney Ferries and the High Court of Australia. They are also a trusted partner of many of the nation’s justice, defence, transport and national security agencies, and state and federal governments.

SCG recently provided advice for the transition of Victoria Police to their new Melbourne headquarters and have been supporting Australia’s fastest-growing technology company NEXT DC throughout their rapid expansion of data centres across state capitals.

The business was deeply saddened in 2019 by the passing of co-founder Steve Barlow, but continues to work to bring his vision to fruition.

“Steve wanted SCG to be a boutique security consultancy with a core group of highly-experienced professionals who put the client at the centre of every decision and didn’t shy away from challenging security environments,” said Richard.

“After six years we still return to this every day. We know there are many sectors where security risk cannot be fully eliminated, so we work with clients to deliver solutions that identify, mitigate and manage it as effectively as possible.”