Project Description

SCG was engaged by Museum Victoria (MV) to develop a Security Management Framework; the aim being to establish a clearly defined integrated framework including policies, plans and procedures tailored to MV’s requirements. The framework provides an overarching structure through which MV can identify, manage and respond to risks associated with the physical environments within their control.

The key objectives of the Framework are to:

  • Identify and define the appropriate security strategy;
  • Determine the appropriate security management standards for the protection of assets;
  • Enhance the organisations reputation;
  • Provide a management model which identifies accountabilities and risks;
  • Improve operational efficiencies;
  • Formulate an effective expenditure plan for the security budget across the MV property portfolio.

The project was delivered over three phases:

  1. Review & Investigation
  2. Development of the Security Management Framework
  3. Implementation Plan.

A Security Working Group was developed for the project to provide structure and guidance to all SCG and MV stakeholders and to ensure defined recommendations were collectively approved for submission to the Executive Management Team and Board.