Project Description

A senior member of SCG’s team led the planning and design of security services for the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore.

Constructed mainly from timber, the temple houses the very rare and valuable relics of Buddha and is of very significant religious and cultural importance to the international Buddhist community.

When the relics were first displayed in Singapore, more than 600,000 people attended the exhibition over a four-day period. The new temple displays the relics on a daily basis, with more than 3.5 million visitors attending the temple each year. The significance of the relics, combined with expected numbers of visitors, necessitated sound security planning and design, with this forming part of a security operational management regime, which will be provided by the Monks.

The temple is a truly magnificent building, with an extremely high level of specialist interior fit out. The manner in which the security has been integrated has been an important issue throughout the design and during construction, with the challenge for security design team including the provision of good security, however with an extraordinary level of transparency.