Project Description

SCG was engaged to undertake an Enterprise Wide Security Risk Assessment for Christadelphian Aged Care, who operate over 10 aged care and assisted living facilities throughout NSW and Queensland.

Due to recent acquisitions and changes in their operating model, Christadelphian initially identified the need to consolidate the existing security systems to common platform(s) by leveraging off current IT trends and standards (i.e. cloud based infrastructure) and as a consequence implement a security standard to all current and future facilities.

SCG subsequently recommended that a Security Risk Assessment was required to further understand the actual risks associated with the Christadelphian’s property portfolio and in turn better inform the requirements for any subsequent site/systems reviews or design works, with the key aims to:

  • Identify and assess the security risks to which Christadelphian is exposed,
  • Evaluate the efficacy of the current security systems,
  • Advise on any improvements of the security arrangements due to the current threat profile.

The outcomes of the SRA would inform Christadelphian of their current security risk profile, as well as providing the strategic basis for future security standardisation and systems replacement or consolidation.