Project Description

Thomas Embling Hospital is the largest forensic psychiatric facility designed and constructed in the Southern Hemisphere.

The hospital has a maximum security rating and associated security and perimeter systems, which are integrated with the physical elements of the facility and the security management.

SCG team members undertook both the original security design and security management plan and were subsequently involved in the upgrade of the perimeter and control room systems, including the migration from analogue to digital surveillance systems.

Key Challenges and Solutions included:

  • Project planning and construction staging to provide continued use of a secure facility during construction
  • Design and delivery within an operational and secure facility
  • Deterrence, Detection, Delay and Response planning
  • Background vetting checks of some staff
  • Audit of all who enter the site
  • Restriction of access to the site – to deny access to unauthorised personnel, also for OHS competency, life safety, etc.