Singapore Police Home Team Academy


SCG team members designed, documented and project managed the ballistic and firing range services for the Home Teams Academy of the Singapore Police Force.

The project includes the following live fire tactical training facilities:

  • Multi-Storey Range Complex
  • 2 x 25m Indoor Ranges
  • 25m Competition Indoor Ranges
  • 2 x Video Simulation Mini Ranges
  • 25m/100m Indoor Range
  • 100m walk down Range
  • Non-Live Fire Tactical Training Village

Singapore Police – Tactical Ship Mock Up


SCG team members conceptualised, designed, documented and commissioned the firing range and ballistic services for the Board Search Training mock-up on behalf of the Singapore Police Force.

The project delivered a multi-user/multi-use facility, allowing personnel to practice operational skills at varying levels of competency.

Facilities provide a real-life replication of actual conditions and include:

  • A 7-level commercial cargo vessel, including engine rooms, cabins, cargo holds, bridge, masts and equipment stations
  • Tactical diving and ascent training pool
  • Method of Entry (MOE) – land and sea
  • Live Fire Close Quarters Battle (CQB) – Multi-level, fixed/unique flexible ballistic partition layouts
  • Full close quarters battle ranges across 5 levels and include fixed partition ranges for commonly encountered elements and a ballistic partition range, allowing users considerable flexibility in the configuration of internal layouts
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